About TATA

​The Introduction of Taiwan Art Therapy Association

By the efforts of a group of senior art therapists who are enthusiastic to promote art therapy, the Taiwan Art Therapy Association (TATA) is established in June of 1993. As the 36th art therapy association in the world, TATA is devoted to popularizing art therapy。

The current activities of TATA:

  1. TATA newsletters are released twice a year, providing relevant domestic and international information and  news about art therapy.
  2. Holding a speech every two months, and professional training course irregularly.
  3. Holding TATA annual meeting and workshop every June regularly.

The Goals of TATA:

  1. To set up and maintain art therapy Code of Ethics of Professional Practice. 
  2. To cooperate with educational facility for improving average education level in the field of art therapy and to facilitate the training of professional members.
  3. To facilitate the communication and cooperation between art therapy group members.
  4. To promote the connection and cooperation with other groups, the government and international organization, to facilitate relevant art therapy academic research, and to orgainze academic art therapy conference in order to improve information-sharing between members.
  5. To introduce, compile and publish art therapy journals and books. 
  6. Other issues concerning achieving the goal of TATA.